Clementine is continually writing for Stars Turn Me On, her own solo songs, and other people's projects. For her own songs, she enlists some of the stellar players she has in her orbit to lay down guitar and other instrumental parts.

Clementine's songs marry unique visual images with simple language to create both singable lyrics and stories that cut to the heart. It has become her favorite past-time to write for other singers, channeling each artist's own individual perspective.

"Clementine's words rip with soul and spirit and are crafted with so much personality that you can't help but feel giddy when you read them, and in my case, sing them.You can instantly recognize a Clem lyric! But what's truly remarkable is that she creates those words specifically and uniquely for the artist that she's working for. Everything that she has written for me feels like a part of me and in many cases she has allowed me to express parts of myself that were hidden.Clem is truly magical!"  Mike Bemesderfer, vocalist and producer

The song "Cold Snap" from her debut album won second place in the Lyrics category of the 2008 International Songwriting Competition. You can read and hear it here.

STARS TURN ME ON is Clem’s project with guitarist Justin Caucutt.

BEAUX CHEVEUX is Clem’s project with guitarist Adrian Conner.

THE COLLECTION is Clem’s compilation album of solo material written with various artists.