Clementine has been a spiritual seeker throughout her life. As a professional musician, she developed ways of connecting to the true self field of consciousness in order to be present fully as a performer. Clem’s music career as a rock drummer, though seeming unlikely for a healer, has provided a perfect metaphor for her when assisting clients in their opening to the flow of infinite potential. This path is about finding the stillness in the center of the song, fully aware and yet allowing the song to play you.

In her own personal work, Depth Hypnosis, shamanic practice and energy healing has been transformative. As we let go of patterns, concepts, identities, trauma and habits, what emerges is a field of truth in which life becomes effortless. This energy is unconditional, and what we most desire. To uncover our inherent bliss is indeed possible. Being in service to those uncovering this truth is a joy in Clementine’s life.

Clem is a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, an Applied Shamanic Practitioner, and a non-denominational Minister through the Foundation of the Sacred Stream. She is certified in Energy Medicine, Plant Medicine Integration, and Conflict Resolution, all under the instruction of Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D. In these modalities she works in Shamanic Counseling, Sound Healing, and more. Clem has a certificate in Contemplative Psychotherapy from the Nalanda Institute, and is a Master of Morphic Awakening Energetic Healing Technique, a profound modality that promotes energy healing on all levels. Much of Clementine’s insight has been gained through participating in many Vipassana meditation retreats and the ensuing 30 years of practice, as well as a regular practice in Advaita Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism meditation techniques.

You can read more and schedule calls at http://www.clementinemoss.com/, or send a message to info@clementinemoss.com.

On her Patreon page, you can sign up for weekly and personal meditations, as well as drum lessons and other goodies.

Check out the Lesson Videos section for information about her series “Meditation for Drummers” and “Backstage Meditations.”