Clementine is powerful, charismatic, and absolutely unforgettable.

A standout in the relatively small field of female drummers, her intensely passionate performance style has made her an instant favorite of audiences throughout the United States and Europe.

Often compared to Led Zeppelin's irreplaceable John Bonham, her drumming combines elements of rock monsters, Phil Rudd, Dale Crover, Dave Grohl, and the groovers, Levon Helm, Jim Keltner.  She is versatile and intuitive.  Once on stage, behind her kit, she is a Valkyrie, thunderous and commanding, emotive and tasteful.  And anyone who sees her play will never forget it.

In the studio, Clementine is a seasoned and sought-after player who helps bring the songwriter's rhythmic ideas to fruition. She lays down rock, funk, and pop beats that make for standout tracks.

Drummer, songwriter, vocalist.  But for Clementine it is drums first, always drums, forever drums.