Singing and fronting a band has been a journey with a lot of stops and starts for Clementine. In her early 20s in New York City she dabbled at it, found drumming, and set singing aside. It was after the Francis Bakin project that she really began to devote herself to finding her singing voice, working on making the most of the instrument she was given and clearing out blocks that kept her from the front of the stage.


With guitarist Justin Caucutt, she writes songs that impel her to front the band as singer. Her voice is alternatively sweet and bluesy, with a distinctively soulful delivery. Her voice has drawn comparisons to Mazzy Star, and as a frontperson she has been compared to Alison Mosshart and Jim Morrison, an early love.


Clem has come to love fronting a band, and her presence on stage is powerful and captivating. Stars Turn Me On is a great passion for her, and the songs come right from the inner chambers.


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